An ancient Indian proverb promises “eternal health” if we eat Haritaki after every meal. The fruit has been used in Ayurveda for over 2,700 years and, according to the Hindu concept, it contains the energy of Shiva. Haritaki is valued for its benefits in both Hinduism and Buddhism, where the Buddha is seen holding the Haritaki fruit in his right hand.

What exactly can this little-known fruit do for you? You will find out in this short article.

What is haritaki

Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) has two other names you might be familiar with – black or chebulic myrobalan. In Nepal, they call this tree the king of medicine, and Hindus always mention it at the forefront of the plants used in Ayurveda, because each part of it has a high pro-health value. This tree grows mainly in India and Sri Lanka, but you will also find it in Burma, Nepal, Malaysia, and people cultivate it in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Coarse bark covers the thick trunk, which, like the fruit, is a herbal raw material. Chestnut fruit is famous primarily for its excellent influence on digestive processes and intestinal function. Together with bibhitaki and amla fruit, they are part of the Ayurvedic Triphala blend. Other names of haritaki fruit include Harad, Kadukkai, Podi, and Abhaya.

Haritaki literally means “disease-taker.” Hara is also one of Shiva‘s names, literally meaning “green”. The Sanskrit name of this herb – Abhaya – means “fearless” because it does not succumb to any disease. The legend says that haritaki was formed when drops of amrita (nectar of immortality) fell to the ground.

Haritaki Terminalia chebula or black or chebulic myrobalan Ayurveda plant.

The ground form of haritaki fruit allows you to add it to food and drinks, although it is best to simply drink it with water. The taste is intriguing and difficult to define – at the same time sweet and sour, bitter, and even with a hint of spiciness. This surprising composition of various notes brings to mind the quintessence of Asian cuisine and herbalism.

Health benefits of haritaki

A Chebulic Myrobalans  isolated on white background

Black myrobalan has gained popularity in the region of its origin due to its impact on human health. So, here are the reasons why you should reach for haritaki:

Top 6 reasons to add haritaki fruit to your diet
1. Haritaki fruits are a rich source of flavonoids, other antioxidants, and rare organic acids. Bioactive substances contained in haritaki fruit exhibit antioxidant and antimutagenic properties.
2. The fruits are rich in substances that support the digestive tract and act as a mild laxative. Thanks to the presence of tannins, haritaki fruits are very effective in supporting the natural processes of cleansing the intestines and removing debris. Supports the functioning of the liver and helps protect its cells against the effects of toxic substances.
3. They contain substances that have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties against a very wide spectrum of human pathogens, thus supporting the body’s defenses during infection, and boosting immunity. They help fight dangerous microorganisms that cause serious ailments, such as Helicobacter pylori, salmonella, botulism, and Shigella dysenteriae.
4. Haritaki fruits can help regulate the functioning of the immune system
5. In traditional medicine haritaki fruits are used in the fight against cancer, the presence of antioxidants reduces the risk of their development
6. Thanks to the presence of sterols, haritaki fruits lower cholesterol, care for the condition of blood vessels and the heart

Uses of haritaki fruit

It is worth reaching for ground haritaki fruits to cleanse and strengthen the body. Their consumption will have a very positive effect on digestion, and in large amounts, you can use them as a temporary laxative.

It will also help to get rid of difficult to heal gastrointestinal infections, and additionally strengthen the liver, improve metabolism and circulation. All these benefits make haritaki a perfect dietary ingredient for middle-aged and elderly people, and for those who want to overcome the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

You can eat ground almond fruits once a day, preferably at bedtime, with plenty of water. Do not take too many of them at once because of their laxative effects. Initially, ¼ teaspoon a day will let you feel positive effects. However, depending on the individual tolerance of the organism – the amount of the powder can be gradually increased.

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